Virtuous Virtual Assistant Agency

Trusted high skilled agents for your business
Virtual Assistants for as low as $8/ Hour
No hidden fees, ever

Virtuous Virtual Assistant Agency

We are a dedicated agency commited to serve companies with vision, fearless to grow, and willing to face challlenges,
if you can dream it, we can help you build it, and you Will see the amazing results.

Our Compensation

Build your company, reach the top of your industry!

Reach new heights, increase your income, grow your organization, attract new investors, and unleash the full potential of your business by hiring us!, Prices are based on experience, and knowledge , we've displayed in two ways the pricing for you to better understand our plans.

Entry Level

$8-10 Per hour

Basic Virtual Assistants

Ideal for companies that already have internal systems & processes in place and can teach any virtual assistant their specific tasks. .

Mid Level

$11-14 Per hour

Specialists Virtual Assistants

Optimal for businesses who need a more experienced and specialized VA that can perform tasks with little onboarding.

Expert Level

$15-20Per hour

Virtuous Virtual Assistants

Especially for companies that require expert-level virtual assistants who are consultants and strategists, to help them grow and thrive

The Virtuous Virtual Agency Plane Include:

Hassle-free Talent Section - Our team takes care of it!

According to your needs, we will designate one of the following specialists from the Agency to work on your projects:

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Choose Your VAM Plan Below to Get Started


$679 per Month


$849 per Month


$1399 per Month


$1599 per Month


$2099 per Month


$3499 per Month

The Virtuous Virtual Assistants Agency plans include, Complete hassle free selection and team management.

Skillfull and vetted Professionals around the Globe

We are constantly training our VVA's to meet the challenging US Standards, giving the best of the best to our clients.

They are 4 year college graduates with several years of experience, They are proficient in english, and have many certifications

We've tested their skills and values, including their honesty to offer you excellent VA' s who are truly experts in their own field.

We've provided addional training to help them understand US culture, organization, and goverment paperwork.

Every assistant is rigurously trainned

The Virtuous Virtual Agency Guarantee

The Virtuous virtual Agency program offers a quality assurance and performance guarantee. This means that if a team or team member is not performing at his/her highest quality or as required by the client to meet it's job description needs, we'll replace them for you at no additional cost.

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