Assemble Your Complete High Performance Team With 60% Less Than In-House US Hiring

We find and train proactive self-starter virtual assistants to manage all the time consuming tasks of your business that you can imagine.

Trust us with all your time consuming tasks

Develop your business strategy

Let our team execute it, and boost your business!

University graduated citizens of the world

Our multicultural team will address your business issues with a wider and deeper perspective, All of them are college educated, with years of training and experience, and certifications and awards earned.

Ready to start right away

Knowing what the market needs, our team is constantly being trained in those skills our clients will need the most. They are specialists in making outsourcing easy and to start working with you right away.

A backed up Assistant

When you hire a virtuous virtual assistant, you get all the previously acquired knowledge, experience and skills, all the current tools and software we provide and all the support that our team will provide to your assistant to succeed in your organization and make your organization to succeed

Quick Response times

Your virtual assistant will finish the task quickly and instruction - accurately

Polyglot service to help you connect to any market

We don't have long-term contracts since we care about our clients, and they stay because they like us.

Exceptional quality

We only recruit VAs who have demonstrated a passion for staying current and sharpening their saw throughout their life.

Secure and wellorganized

We have the infrastructure in place, as well as secure methods, to safeguard your data, procedures, and operations.

Go From....

Too burned out to make wise decisions

As a CEO being tired blurs your judgment to set strategy

Smartly using time to lead the business

Set your new thriving strategy that will take your venture to the top!

Everybody has multiple jobs , nobody can do one job perfectly

Your business suffers, your employees suffer, too much work, few hands available

A High Performance Team

Tasks are divided, workload distributed and your genius intellect leads the team.


"VVA comes highly recommended. It's been a game changer! They've simplified and streamlined the process of new intakes, scheduling, rescheduling, and data verification. They communicate with my customers and staff in a straightforward and professional manner, and they have saved me more hours than I can count. Thank you very much for your help."

Guillaume Nava

Ascend Behavior

"Virtuous Virtual Assistants have proved to be resourceful, kind, polite, and eager to go the additional mile on every occasion!. They are all patient and help me and my business grow in every aspect that we need! I recommend them to every business owner that I know! And I recommend them to you too!."

Xavier Dupont

Ascend Behavior

"Our VA's arranges appointments, handles phone calls, responds to emails, organizes and maintains the intake log, and is constantly at the top of the game. I am very thankful to Virtuous Virtual Assistants for introducing me to this great VA. We wouldn't be half the company we are today if we didn't have our VA on our squad."

James Johnson

Ascend Behavior

Who hires an assistant with Virtual?

What type of Ventures need a Virtuous Virtual Assistant?

Business services

Property services

Real estate agents

Financial advisors

Property managers




Authors & writers


Let us start right away!

Schedule a call with us, tell us what you need

Get perfectly matched with a VVA

Meet your VVA during the kickoff call with your account manager

Start developing your business in unimaginable ways !

Use your most important asset wisely! : Your Time.

Meet the virtuous virtual assistant and skyrocket your business now!

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